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      2019 Semicon Taiwan

      Dear Valued Customer,


      Intertec Taiwan will attend Semicon Taiwan as usual this year. Our booth number is No M0238, is located in 4F. Please stop by our booth and we are happy to talk about your inquiry or surplus tools for selling.


      A) 中古翻新的設備Refurbishment Equipment: Canon and Nikon Stepper, Hitachi CDSEM, Canon Aligner, Lam etcher, DNS Scrubber, ASM Eagle 10, Agilent tester 407x. HP93K, TSK and TEL Probers, Lintec Taper/detaper.

      B) 全新零件販售 OEM Parts Sales: Novellus, Speedfam/IPEC and Gasonics.

      C) 翻新之Pumps: Fully overhaul Ebara and Edward.


      Check Intertec for selling tool list as below;